Love Film Festival was born in 2014 in Perugia, by the “Perugia Love Film" cultural association, with the aim of telling the love for the arts through the cinematographic work.

The event involves directors, actors and film lovers who are united by the love for cinema.

Now in its fourth edition, this year, as well as Perugia, the city of Arezzo will also be the theater for events.

The idea was born to tell the love in its various manifestations, through the cinema, in the frame of the historical center of the Umbrian capital. Our goal is to create a moment of cultural sharing and to bring the cinema back to central Italy, also showing the beauty of our land.

Projections, cultural events, movie and books presentations, short films, even international …
they follow each other for six days, all with free admission, at the Sala dei Notari in Perugia and the Casa dell'Energia in Arezzo.

The name “Love Film Festival" does not refer to a romantic background film, but to the theme “Love" in its countless facets:
love for art, for music, for dance, for sport, for a city and anything else are the themes behind the selected films.

And Love for the people ...

Another mission of the Festival is solidarity. Every year, in fact, they wake up a charitable cause to be sustained so that the cinema and the arts will be ennobled and the positive message of the event will be strengthened

This fourth edition will be held from 1 to 6 May and big news is expected. The first names announced are the directors Carlo Verdone and Paolo Genovese, but there will be others!


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